Why Natural Health Healing Processes Are So Important

I am going to start this article by quoting from an eminent physician – Oliver Wendell Holmes MD. “If we doctors threw all our medicines into the sea, it would be that much better for our patients and that much worse for the fishes.”

How much of the industrialised world’s national incomes are spent on more and more fancy and highly expensive medical ‘advances’ for everything, especially diseases like cancer and heart diseases?

Why is it that we tend to shun any solution that is free, or not very expensive, in favour of the latest, most expensive drug just coming on the market?

In the UK alone, spending on the National Heath Service will surpass 7.9% of the whole Gross Domestic Production, or well over £50 BILLION!

But still many people are excluded from treatment, either in the form of physical operations, or drugs, and there is still not enough money available, so this amount will just inexcusably rise and rise and rise…

Now, this would be justifiable if the health of the nation was rapidly improving but it isn’t. It’s getting worse.

The numbers of people suffering from long term, or killer diseases is increasing, not decreasing – so what’s going wrong?

The problem probably lies in a lack of awareness of how our very on life style, and the food that we consume, affects our well-being, but we don’t change our habits. No – we would rather just do what we feel like, and then seek a physician when we don’t feel well.

This is probably due to ignorance in what is out there in the world that can help you and any healing process in a natural way, which does not rely on some expensive cocktail of drugs to repair.

Natural health remedies – or alternative medicines – are scoffed at as being too ‘old fashioned’ and unreliable. Well, can you say modern day drugs are reliable? What about MRSA? Go into hospital and whatever is wrong with you MRSA could kill you anyway!

Lack of knowledge of alternative medicines is a great problem, but with the advent of the power of the internet that should no longer be an excuse.

The first step must be with each of us, where we all want to be healthy. We then look at our lifestyle, and try to break any bad habits we may have had – like alcohol, smoking, or some other illegal substance. I like to drink, but I do in moderation, I have never been a true smoker, apart from some wonderful holidays in Cuba where a non-inhaled Cohiba on a sun soaked sandy beach was a joy. I have never tried any illegal substances, never having found the need – I find life is quite exhilarating as it is.

I have a natural curiosity so I look up healthy remedies on the Internet – that is totally free to all of us. I read about Green Tea for instance, and its healing properties, so I now drink that with no milk, instead of gallons of coffee. I know that when you eat a meal as you digest it, your body produces masses of harmful free radicals, that can and do damage the body cells, and can and do form cancers. I found out that by eating grapes with your meal actually cuts down much of these free radicals from being generated.

For thousands of years, people have been experimenting with natural products, and unfortunately there are so many, that unless somebody or an organisation pulls them into some kind of catalogue, we are all going to miss out on a longer healthier life, free from some nasty killer disease.

If governments were to concentrate on natural health remedies, so we all live longer, perhaps they could put some of the money they save towards providing us with better pensions in our longer, healthier live

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